bunny butt cotton ball dispenser. I NEED this.  @Kaellyn Marrs Diaz @Alberto Del Campo Alvarez @Stephanie Close  Au @Terry Song Westover....anyone who wants to get my a nice xmas'd be great!

This rabbit won’t mind you pulling it’s tail for some cotton balls. The irresistibly cute Cotton Tail Cotton Ball Dispenser.

This is a bed fan. It keeps your mattress and blankets cool without blowing air all over your face. This sounds kind of amazing.

Wireless Bed Fan - Kicking the sheets to the end of the bed? Try Bed Fan. It tucks between the top and bottom sheets to cool your body(the source of the heat)instead of the entire house. You can turn off the AC and save on cooling costs.

This is really cool.

Laptop cover for book lovers. Maybe if you had a book no longer used that was the right size, you could make your Mom or Dad a laptop cover for their computer using it.

Alaskan Klee Kai Puppy

Alaskan Klee Kai Puppy (mini husky), Ferris With blue eyes! I want one soo bad.

USB TYPEWRITER.  If I had oodles of money to waste, I would truly buy this.  I LOVE the look of it.  Sadly, Michael said it's cool but ridiculous. :(

USB Typewriter

A USB typewriter! From uncommon goods. For all you writers. Feel the click clack of a real typewriter. Attaches to iPad or other meia

Alaskan malamute.  Nino's dominant breed.  Sigh.  :(

The "I'm Bored" Siberian Husky pose. I know this pose well. Guess I should feel bad.

Love Actually

LOVE ACTUALLY with Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Alan Rickman & Bill Nighy This is one of my favorite go to movies when things look grim. Always makes me feel better especially this man.

gatsby dresses on the dowton abbey girls for vogue

Downton style: the sisters for Vogue. Lady Sybil Crawley, Lady Edith Crawley, and Lady Mary Crawley. Played by Jessica Brown Findlay, Laura Carmichael, and Michelle Dockery. - - - I love the dress on the left.

Reminds me of Papi's house in Puerto Rico.  Beautiful shutters.

British West Indies Spanish Cedar Stained Bahama Shutters, 0065 floor overlooking courtyard out of gameroom

Why There's No Homework In Finland...

Funny pictures about Why there's no homework in Finland. Oh, and cool pics about Why there's no homework in Finland. Also, Why there's no homework in Finland.

Steamline Luggage by Kate Spade

Stowaway Case

Steamline Luggage Kate Spade Things We Love Carry-On & Stowaway Luggage


Meet the Chick-fil-A Cows and learn about the campaign. Since 1995 the cows have spread their message far and wide: Eat Mor Chikin!

Ohmigoodness.  Had me in tears.

"An Iraqi girl in an orphanage was missing her mother. So she drew her and fell asleep inside of her mom. She had no idea hat her mother looked like but she drew her anyway. so sad