Duran Duran-oh my god these guys were so gorgeous

Roger Taylor of Duran Duran turns 48 today! Duran Duran, left to right: Roger Taylor, Nick Rhodes, Simon Le Bon, Andy Taylor and John Taylor.


In the dId you always wish you could dress up like Madonna, but your parents wouldn't let you? Well, now you can with these great Madonna costume ideas. Madonna has evolved her look throughout her entire career, and is still evolving to this.


suicideblonde: “ I can not believe it - today is Madonna’s birthday. Madonna photographed by Gary Heery in 1983 ” ”

Tracy Chapman.   The music, the lyrics, the voice..always loved her...

Time has been kind to Tracy Chapman. She was a folkie singer/songwriter during the end of the Reagan era, a time when folkie singer/songwriters were generally on the outs.