Ragdoll is a very intelligent blue eyed cat breed. They learn very quickly from the dogs and always copy the styles of a puppy. It looks very amazing when they act like a dog. And they grow very big in size relatively. A male ragdoll may weigh about More

Motherhood is definitely not all glowing sunshine and joyful rainbows always especially when mother is tired and stressed out, even if you are a mother then you


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I have a large ring of keys in black, on the wall hanging by the Peter Cot "The Storm" picture. It adds to the vingette. I bought them at Hobby Lobby (w/ off coupon :) Just part of that "surround yourself with things you love" way of life I have.


I am a woman in my who is a wife, mother, friend, cancer survivor, proud geek. submissive. INFJ.I am in a D/s monogamous marriage with BaronIanSmythe (nsfw blog). We have been together for 15 years. This is an blog...

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Read about my latest crochet designs interspersed with seasonal pictures from around the homestead. Any reblog photos or text belong to their respective owners.