Fried Plantains - sounds amazing - Rellenitos de Plátano

Plantain "Rellenitos" | The Foodies' Kitchen

Guatemalan Black Bean Recipe(s)--From Enteros to Licuados to Volteados...YUM!!!

BA in Guate: Guatemalan Cuisine: Beans

Tostadas de Guatemala (roja) salsa de tomate (verde) guacamole (negra) de frijol

Conozcamos Guatemala

Receta - Tamales Negros o Dulces l Sólo lo mejor de Guatemala

Receta para Tamales Nrgros (dulces), por Recetas Chapinas y Más.

Recipes Guatemalan Tamales with Maseca®

Recipes Guatemalan Tamales with Maseca®

Receta de Atol de Elote Guatemala

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Los tamales "colorados" son uno de los platos típicos de Guatemala, y existen muchas variantes de como hacerlos dependiendo de la región. Esta es una de mis comidas favoritas, y quiero compartirles una forma fácil y práctica de hacerlos... si desean hacerlos de la forma tradicional, creo que aqui en youtube pueden conseguir la receta que mas l...

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Receta para hacer – Los Chuchitos | Solo lo mejor de Guatemala

Receta para hacer – Los Chuchitos

No solo hay garnachitas. Si abren esta receta podran encontrar muchas comidas de Guatemala.

Recetas de Mi tierra | CHAPINES.US | GUATEMALA

Receta Chuchitos, receta 100% guatemalteca que no puedes dejar de probar

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Tamalitos de Chipilín by The Foodies' Kitchen, via Flickr

Tamalitos de Chipilín

Las Hilachas son un delicioso platillo tradicional en Guatemala que se prepara con carne de res cortada en hebras o hilos (de donde viene su nombre), salsa y verduras, puede acompañarse con aguacate, arroz y tortillas. Espero la disfruten y se animen a prepararla. ;o) Visita

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I'm going to try this recipe. Great Guatemalan cookie with coffee. Champurradas, Guatemalan Cookies | NewsTaco

Champurradas, Guatemalan Cookies

guatemalan black beans

Guatemalan Black Beans: Part I

rellenitos... plantain wrapped deliciously around black beans cooked with sugar and cinnamon. sunday treat

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Crock Pot Carne Guisada (Latin Beef Stew) | Skinnytaste

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Frijoles Negros Refritos (refried black beans) One of our May 2013 featured Guatemalan recipes.

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Quesadilla. This quesadilla from Guatemala is a coffeecake, made with a goodly amount of cheese, for which the cake is named. "Queso" means cheese. This coffee cake is not too sweet, but just enough to make it a delight to have with a nice cup of coffee.

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Guatemalan recipe. Yum!!

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Guatemalan Corn Cakes….yum! Click here for the complete recipe!

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Rellenitos de Platano "There is one ingredient missing on this recipe. Add 1 stick of cinnamon to the water when cooking the plantains (remove the stick before mashing them). Do the same with the black beans. This is the original Guatemalan recipe. Some people also like to add a square of "cinnamon chocolate" which you can get at Mexican or Central American stores."

Rellenitos de Platano

Guatemalan recipe

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Dobladas(Guatemala) This makes a nice, light supper or lunch. Or cut into wedges and serve as appetizers. I'd even eat it for breakfast! Dobladas means folded and that's just what you do with the tortillas. If you can't find Farmer cheese(or queso fresco or queso de capas), use cottage cheese and strain in a cheesecloth for several hours in a cool place.


Guatemalan recipe ~ Frijoles Colados (Pureed Black Beans ), with a sprinkling of Cotija Cheese and Parsley.

A Harmony of Flavors | Guatemalan Food | Recipes

YouTube cookbook trailer. About the cookbook: Enjoy fresh, simple, and authentic Guatemalan cuisine—right from your own kitchen! Amalia Moreno-Damgaard, a Guatemalan-American chef classically educated in the French culinary tradition, shares 170 of her favorite Guatemalan recipes for every occasion in her first cookbook aimed at home cooks. These healthy, quick, and easy gourmet dishes pr...

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