Roasted Avocado Over Mixed Lettuce and Couscous

Roasted Avocado Over Mixed Lettuce and Couscous. I baked at I used 3 Tlb lemon juice, 3 Tlbs olive oil, leftover frozen cous cous thawed and heated. David doesn't like cous cous.

Baked Aubergine with Mozzarella & Figs

Eggplant with California Figs Leeks. Good idea: using the eggplant as bottom for some baked cheese and some meat

cheese platter

Wine picnic all you need to find now is the winery thats hosting a outdoor A lovely picnic basket and a few good friends! Favorite way to

Salmon with Mango Salsa

Salmon & Mango Salsa For Mango Salsa: 1 mango, cubed 1 avocado, cubed, cup juice tablespoon olive oil teaspoon Sea Salt Toss all of the ingredients together and serve over top of the Salmon.