I would get so mad!

You know you're from the if you remember being disappointed when the CD's leaflet didn't have the lyrics to the songs. How else were you going to learn that damn line on track I remember this with cassette's.

Hahaha! Totally my husband!

The Quest For The Right Song

So true.gah I remember this. I still have the cd case and cd's lol.


25 Ways To Tell You’re A Kid Of The ‘90s

You were a kid in the if you would just listen to the radio all day long just to record your favorite song of all time on a tape. (This is so true!) So true.and I was a kid of the Nothing better than the mixed tape.

When I was young we all had a baton..

I remember my Saturday morning twirling lessons. I wanted to be a majorette in high school but our school had a rule that you had to also play an instrument :( It wasn't a total waste, I had an easier time learning num-chucks in martial arts.

90's Beauty Products! Which of these did you use?

90's Beauty Products #ShareBeauty

I forgot about my bottled emotion perfume! I use to wear that all the time

toys of the 80's

Cabbage Patch Dolls Mine was the brunette on the bottom right! cabbage patch, I got for Christmas in 1984 :) My mom and Nana looked everywhere for a redhead, and she was all they could find.I loved her soooo much!

The 80's

These were the soundtracks to your life: 50 Things Only Kids Can Understand


Feeling nostalgic: Alphie the Robot (Crazy coincidence or fate?) I had this favorite toy when I was about six, it was called Alphie the Robot. I played with this thing all the time, but being a.


She-Ra, Princess of Power and her beloved steed, swift wind. love SHE-RA sooooo much!

the 80's Where's the beef??

Where's the Beef Lady. This campaign for Wendy's starred an played by Clara Peller. By Peller was fired from Wendy's after declaring that she had "Found the Beef" in an ad for Prego pasta sauce.