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POTTERY for soap dishes or ring bowls, for keys, etc!!!! tankturner hands.

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Limited quantities, limited price! Would make a great Valentine's Day gift!! Antique Brass Bird's Nest Necklace in Red with Coral Red Bamboo Eggs - $19.95

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TOGETHER we have the intelligence, talent, and finances to build our communities up.

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The Enchanted Muse

For my little wolf pup.....may your animal guide be with you always.....

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A well traveled woman

“ by Laura Makabresku ” … hands.

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Rene Magritte

Isla Negra

Butterfly Papillon Mariposas Vlinders Wings Delicate Beauty Beautiful Graceful Amazing Awesome Fly Moth Monarch Swallowtail


Show me your hands, Digital Edition

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❅ Wherever. Whatever. Have a nice day.

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Nocturnal life (16 photos)

I love the way the sun makes the moon glow and how most of the stars aren't really there anymore, and sometimes the stars remind me of you and how it looked like you were here and you really weren't.

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Wake with hands in smuts and ashes. Building site nearby.

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ulfr bita on

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Dominique Allman--art and many other similar interests. Here, the vitarka mudrā is the gesture of discussion and transmission of buddhist teaching

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There is a voice inside of you That whispers all day long, "I feel that this is right for me; I know that this is wrong." No teacher, preacher, parent, friend Or wise man can decide What's right for you - Just listen to The voice that speaks inside. ~ Shel Silverstein, The Voice

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❂ Life is gift. Wake up everyday and realize that!

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The feel of your hands on my body is like a poem written across every synapse. source of this photo unknown. (stupid tumblr)

Modern Hepburn

You. | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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| sσυℓ σғ тнε sεα |She told the seashell her story, whispering every secret her memories held. Then she laid that shell at the ocean's edge and watched the tide pick it up and bring it out to sea. Hopefully, the mermaids will get her message.

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hands fine art photography

C'est tout moi ça !

forget me not

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by Sebran D’Argent

Tess Giberson

In a shade of mossy green, seashell in her hand She was born the river queen, ne'er to grace the land...

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A Hand With Alchemical Symbols Against The Fingers by Christie's Images - art print from