Godlike hand drawing draft, Chinese classical architecture cutaway hand from Mr. Li Ganlang drawing

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ArtStation - Floating House, Andrew Scott

Model I did based of a design by Rob Turpin (thisnorthernboy). The base was created using Maya and then I took it into Maya to add weathering and other details to the model. From there I decimated the model, brought it into Maya and converted it to a Vra

ArtStation - Baba Yaga's House, Cyril Chevtchouk

Personnal work for the past few month. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing it. (and I learned so much, can't wait to continue) It is my personnal interpretation for a character (Baba Yaga) that, I thought, was maybe just and old lady

Low poly scene More

Low Polygon artworks have become a trend and for a simple reason, the breadth of character as compared to super photo-realist images.

Low-Poly Landscape | Awesome Design Inspiration

An Interesting Trend - Low Poly Designs, very nicely done I like it!

Smart Interface:

Interactive stand-alone POI Installation Customer: NEGUS EXPO International on behalf of TRANSNEFT When it comes to highly technical topics, a well designed visual presentation can make quite the d.