I also love funny memes, especially Ryan Gosling "hey girl" teacher memes. And I love laminated stuff.


I know the "Hey Girl" memes are silly. Ryan Gosling can "Hey Girl" all he wants.


just a site of memes about ryan gosling and craft ladies. i don't really know who ryan gosling is, but this is a good one! :)

Hey girl, Of course I don't mind folding and organizing all of your fabric. And when I'm done - let's go shopping for more.[ don't we love to dream]


Okay no it's not a craft or a DIY but.the Ryan Gosling memes are KILLING me! And seriously I am constantly getting the wrong dye lot!


Ryan Gosling Acts Out "Hey Girl" Meme

there's a difference.

Hey girl, that guy over there didn't know the difference between knitting and crocheting.

Just once!!!!!!

Ryan Gosling - Hey girl, I totally don't mind finding your unfinished projects all over the house. They remind me of you when I see them.

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