18 mini donkeys that will make you wanna sell your house and move to the country: Friend for life


Babydoll sheep - "The smiling fuzzy faced sheep." I need one & a mini pigme goat

Cats and invisible things this reminds me of you @Ashley Moore

"Invisible kitties" Pretty sure I've pinned this before, but some of them looked different. I love invisible kitties!

Mother's love

Why is it that a kiss on the forehead from mom says "I love you forever"? This is so beautiful. I kiss my kid's foreheads

Sleepy dapple Miniature Dachshund in ALOHA shirt

Sleepy dapple Miniature Dachshund in ALOHA shirt

View photos of animal mothers and their babies describing The Beauty Of Motherhood In The Animal Kingdom. Celebrate Mothers Day with beautiful wildlife photos.

Cute Animal Babies Don't you just want to cuddle with them?

Ignore the fact that the baby Platypus is actually a baby penguin and the baby Beaver is something other than a baby Beaver.