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We Are One World--awesome website for lesson plans on team building, tolerance, acceptance, and community building in the schools!

"One World, One Heart Beating: Creating a Loving World One Song at a Time" Creating Community ~ Lesson Plans

The Litttle White Owl-Character Development for Friendship and Tolerance

Last week, my teaching assistant brought the cutest project for us to do. It was based on the book The Little White Owl by Tracey Cordero.

Give each student a puzzle piece to decorate... keeping the edges intact so it can be re-assembled. Use for a lesson in tolerance... how each individual piece is beautiful on its own. But what a masterpiece you get when you put them all together!

At a recruitment workshop, give each member a puzzle piece to decorate. Reassemble the puzzle and display for recruitment. It shows how each sister is unique, but all bond together in our sisterhood. Can also be used as a sisterhood activity at anytime!

~Bullying Prevention & Tolerance Classroom Discussion Questions, Key Themes & Objectives & Character Values ~Classroom projects & activity ideas ~Vocabulary Words, Practice, Graphic Organizers & Printables, Making Connections, Character Webs, Writing Activities, ABC Order, Venn Diagram, Story Maps

The Legend Of Spookley The Square Pumpkin: Book Written By Joe Troiano This October Unit has 50 pages of ideas, activities & printables, correlates to the Common Core Standards & includes: ~Bullying Prevention

Lesson idea on perseverance

Each month, I offer classroom lessons that highlight my school district's core values. "Dedication" is our January core value, so I taught my students about the importance of never giving up.