This post!

This post! Elsa is as covered up and un-sexy Disney princesses get Cinderella was sexier than her

All the tears.

Sad and beautiful…

When Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets died in Disney released this picture of Mickey consoling Kermit the Frog I can feel my heart breaking

Harry Potter

Hogwarts Logic on

What Avada Kedavra really means…J.K Rowling always has tricks up her sleeve. <<< And I thought it was just a play on abracadabra!

YES TO ALL -avengers

Count me in

My friend and I talk about Budapest all the time--as in, like, what might have happened between Clint and Tasha. And the Science Bros movie just sounds plain awesome, yes please.

And crying now

This isn't my idea, but I can't remember for the life of me where I heard or read it. I did add some details though

This is so sad! This made me cry! This hurts me. this pin hurts my heart in a horribly sad way. If they do this, they better do it when I'm old too. Just like how Andy and I graduated together!


Do you want to build a snowman reprise Frozen. It's the sound of my heart breaking faster than a dropped icicle.

Well that just made me sad.

Tumblr Wumblr 51

So the king and queen from frozen we're going to the movie Tangleds wedding. Then they got the shipwreck. The movie tangle was three years ago and when they opened the gates at frozen. And Rapunzel's mom and Elsa/Ana's mom were cousins!

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