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Endless Pools®

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The time-tested original. Perfected over the past 25 years, the Endless Pool's modular design provides endless possibilities.

Swim in the comfort and safety of home, all year round ... with Endless Pools® modular design, you can turn almost any room into your own private oasis. Get your imagination spinning with a Free Idea Kit from

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Using water as a "solar Mass" to trap heat. A passive solar system. also a sweet indoor outdoor pool.

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This backyard Endless Pool® is ideal for swimming against its adjustable current, staying fit, and having fun with the family. And with the Endless Pool's temperature control, you can just relax in warm water and think deep thoughts, indoors or out. Get inspired with a Free Idea Kit from

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Stone and Pewter Accents/ Sumi-e 1 x 1 Hida Natural with Black & Gold Straight Cut Slate used in a pool

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Who says it has to be a "dry" heat in the southwest? The Endless Pool® turns this backyard into an oasis! The fully adjustable Endless Pools current lets you swim in place, relax, and exercise, all in one compact installation. Get inspired with a FREE Idea Kit from

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This outdoor installation provides a smooth current to swim in place; it's fully adjustable for every level, from Olympians to octogenarians. And when you're not swimming, it functions just like any other pool.

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An indoor Endless Pools® swimming machine, installed by John Preston Pool & Spa. With large windows on all sides, the picturesque scenery outside pops against the simple, yet well finished decor allowing for a thoroughly enjoyable swim.

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