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Meet Our Elite Athlete Partners

DAVID LAPINS: Member of the Canadian Water polo National Team and David's position is hole set. He first made his debut on the national team in 2011. David began playing water polo at the young age of 8 and quickly excelled in the sport. He won a bronze medal at the 2012 Pan Am Games in Montreal. "I am hoping that ENERGYbits will help to push me through my tough training." #teambits

JAMES COOK: Elite triathlete for Team Canada! He finished 5th overall in the BC Provincial Championships in 2013 & is hungry for 2014 season! James's first triathlon was in 2006. "As an athlete and health care professional I aim to empower and inspire others to live healthy, active lifestyles. I am looking to for partner with companies and products that share my love for physical health and wellness and are interested in promoting health and wellness." #poweredbybits

LESLIE CIKRA: Pro Volleyball player for Istres Ouest Provence Volley in France! She loves to travel the world & jam to music. "I am a huge advocate for clean, unprocessed diets, and I love that these have become a part of it. The fact that they are all natural and I know exactly what I am using to fuel my body puts me at ease. I love that they are something I can take for that little boost to get through a tough workout over the course of a long season." #mybitsareclean

OLUWASEGUN MAKINDE: Nigerian born Canada Track & Field 2012 Olympian! In 2013 Jeux de la Francophonie Games he won gold in both 200m and 4X100m relay. Also, he is a 2013 IAAF bronze medalist in the 4X100m relay. "I feel this is a product that I will use extensively and partnering with this cutting edge company provides an excellent opportunity to associate my brand with a clean product." #mybitsareclean

RACHEL HOMAN: Canadian National Team Curler! Rachel's position on Team Homan is skipper and has three other members on her team. In 2013 she claimed the bronze at World Championships in Riga, Canada and recently won GOLD in the Scotties Tournament of Hearts in 2014! "It’s tough to eat properly when you are curling for 3 plus hours sometimes ENERGYbits helps with nutrients on the go." #mybitsareclean

JACOB MICFLIKIER: Is a Canadian Pro Hockey player who currently plays for HC Lugano in Switzerland. He plays forwards and shoots left. Jacob formerly played for EHC Biel which is another Swiss-A League team, Hershey Bears, Charlotte Checkers and several other AHL, ECHL, teams. "Bits will be a great way to interact with fans and the public and help encourage a healthy lifestyle." #teambits

ALLEN BAILEY:Defensive End #97 for Kansas City Chiefs! Allen made his NFL debut in 2011 and had the third-highest vertical jump of any defensive lineman at 36.5”. Prior to being drafted to the NFL, Allen played for the University of Miami. "I choose energy bits because it gives me an edge over my opponents." #poweredbybits

SEAN WHITE: Canadian National Team Rugby 7's & 15's player! Sean made his Canadian debut back in 2009 against Japan and was on the 2011 Rugby World Cup 2011 Canada squad! "I love the idea that you have a high performance product that can be so diversely used by any age, or any range of athlete. Many products are just aimed to market a name and the effects vary, not this one. ENERGYbits Work and they work very very well on a consistent and reliable basis." #teambits

IVAN MARCISIN: Water Polo goaltender for Team Canada! Ivan's big goal is to compete in Rio 2016! "All of the ingredients in ENERGYbits are natural, providing an all natural source of the essential components needed for my body to fuel and recover properly. ENERGYbits have the perfect amount of protein and antioxidants to allow me to push my body harder day in and day out in my training sessions bringing me closer to my goal of taking part in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro." #teambits

ANDREW JENSEN:Pro golfer from Canada competing on PGA Tour Canada! Turned pro in late 2007 and qualified for his first full season on the Canadian Tour. "I need to be healthy, fit & energized to perform at my highest. ENERGYbits allow me that edge. The Bits fuel all aspects of my training. They keep me energized, motivated and focused and truly give me a head start on my competition every morning." #mybitsareclean

CHRIS CREVELING: US Short Track Speedskater team member! 2014 Olympic Silver Medalist in the 5000m Team Relay! Five time World Cup medalist, US 1000m National Record Holder & 1000m National Champion! "I’m gluten free, which makes the energy bits a perfect fit for pre, during and post racing. I also am always traveling and they are easy to take with you wherever travels take me." #mybitsareclean

EVAN RANKIN: AHL Pro Hockey player for Syracuse Crunch! He plays right wing and shoots right. Scored an impressive 29 points in 35 games his first season in the AHL with Rochester Americans in the 2011-2012 season. "ENERGYbits give me the fuel I need on and off the ice. I want to make sure I'm doing everything I can to maintain good health and take care of my body and I feel BITS help me to achieve that." #poweredbybits

JAMES KIRKPATRICK: Striker on the Canadian Field Hockey Team with sights set on the Rio 2016. James scored two goals on the European Tour playing against Poland. "Bits are an easy to digest source of energy that fuels me for games and trainings. ENERGYbits have been a great addition to my routine & are now my go-to fuel that allows me to push my limits every session. Bits are an easy to digest food that I can take during games and trainings to keep me performing at optimum capacity." #teambits

JACKI GEMELOS:Pro Basketball player for Panathinaikos in Greece! Jacki was drafted in 2012 by the Minnesota Lynx WNBA. She also played for Team USA & is an USC alumni. She come back strong after suffering five knee injuries in her high school and college career. "I choose bits to help enhance my performance on and off the court." #poweredbybits

DAVID OLIVER: Competes in the 110m hurdles outdoor & the 60 meter hurdles event indoor for Team USA. Won a bronze medal in 2008 Summer Games & won World Championships in 2013 in 110m hurdles. "I feel this is a product that I will use extensively. This program is an excellent opportunity to promote my brand with a clean product. This is a cutting edge company that is offering something I’ve never seen when it comes to sponsorship." #mybitsareclean

RUBEN SANCA: Cape Verdean Olympic long-distance runner! He competed in the 5000m in the Summer Games in 2012 of London! Ruben was the winner of 2014 Lusophone Games 5K title and has won several other titles. "Overall better and healthier lifestyle change. I would like to get rid of all my vitamin/supplement pills and focus on more natural nutrition to allow my body to recover and recharge better. I would also like to share with my running community the power of this nutrition." #teambits

ANNIE-PIER CLOUTIER: Canadian WTF Taekwondo athlete who has her eyes set on having a Gold medal in the Summer Games! The past eight years Annie-Pier has dedicated all her time and passion into the sport. She is also maintaining excellent grades on her journey. "I believe in the product completely and I honestly think that it should be brought to every athlete’s attention." #mybitsareclean

NOELLE MONTCALM: Canadian Track & Field National Team member competing in 400m hurdlers. She competed in 2013 World Championships, finished 2nd in 2013 Jeux de la Francophonie and working towards Rio 2016! "Using ENERGYbits will fit into my sport because as an elite athlete, it is important to ensure what I am ingesting is clean, natural, and effective. ENERGYbits give me the energy I need right before practice. I especially love that ENERGYbits are a food and not another supplement." #teambits

JACOB SOSNA: Canadian National Team sprint kayak athlete, going for Rio 2016! He is a bronze medalist in 2013 Pan AM Games & won the Jr. Men’s K-2 200m at 2013 Nationals. "I would like to become an Elite athlete partner because of the immense benefits ENERGYBits have to offer to many training regime. Through the trial of this product I found myself to be more energetic and fully recovered from my workouts and would like to continue the use of ENERGYBits to help me gain an edge on my opponents."

RACHEL MACHIN: Heptathlete for Team Canada National Team! Rachel is on a mission to make the Rio 2016 team! She started Track & Field at the young age of 15. Rachel also does some modeling on the side when she isn’t training for track. "I am so excited to spread the word about a company focused on ideas that I also share. Bits will fit perfectly with my busy lifestyle as a quick source of energy to keep me going throughout the day and to keep me going higher and higher!" #poweredbybits

ALEXANDRA IANCULESCU: Long Track Speedskater for Team Canada National Team! Alexandra was born in Romania. She represented Canada at Junior World Championships in 2011. She is hungry for 2018 Winter Games! "ENERGYbits have helped make me a better athlete on every level. As I see the positive changes in my physiology and performance on and off the ice, I’d like to share this with friends, supporters and anyone interested in improving their lifestyle." #mybitsareclean

ASHLEY CORRAL: Pro Basketball Player! Ashley is a State farm Collegiate 3 point champion! She attended Seattle Storm and Washington Mystics training camp in 2012 and 2013, and played professional basketball for the Guangdong Dolphins in the Chinese Basketball Association. "I chose ENERGYbits because it doesn't matter what state my mind or body is in prior to taking them. They get me focused and feeling exactly the way I need to feel to compete at my highest level." #TeamBits

CIARAN MCGOVERN: Canadian born Pro Volleyball player who plays in Germany for Evivo Düren & Canada National Team! He is a Silver Junior World Championships CIS champion. “After trying ENERGYbits I am excited to add an all natural food to my diet and routine. The product is unique, healthy and can be used by a variety of different people. I will use bits before matches and practices to stay focused and stay away from the dreaded energy crash that athletes never want during or after." #teambits

ATSUKO TANAKA: Canadian National Team Ski Jumper. She made history soaring through the sky in 2014 Winter Games in the first ever Women Ski Jumping event! She earned her first podium placing 3rd in 2013 Grand Prix in Kazakhstan! "I choose bits because it works. Feeling better during training and more energized in general, it's like running on a full tank of gas! It's also WADA safe which is must for athletes, and because its not a supplement you can mix it into your daily smoothies."

TENEALE HATTON: New Zealand Sprint Canoeing athlete and finished 15th in London 2012! She is the 2013 Duisburg World Champion in the K-1 5000m event! "I am always looking for ways to better my lifestyle and performance and that comes down to getting the most out of everyday and every training sessions. To be able to do this it is very important to fuel my body right. I put a lot of emphasis on my diet and see it as a huge part to achieving my Goals of that Gold medal at the Rio Olympics 2016."