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“In addition to the increased safety that Keystone XL would offer, transporting oil by pipeline will be more environmentally friendly than transporting by other means.”

“According to the findings of your own State Department studies, the Keystone XL pipeline will be the safest and most modern pipeline built in the United States."

“Like many other Nebraskans, I support the revised route and the construction of the pipeline; however, you alone have the power to approve this important infrastructure project that will bring good-paying jobs and much-needed tax revenue to Nebraska counties during construction and for years to come.”

Drivers of the 2015 Ford Focus can expect to pay $750 more per year if they fill up with E85.

Drivers of the Chevrolet Impala can expect to pay $1,100 more for E85 per year than gasoline.

The driver of an Audi Q5 can expect to pay $1,050 more with E85 than with gasoline.

It would cost the driver of a 2015 Ford F150 $1,100 more per year to drive with E85 than with regular gasoline.

Only 6 percent of cars can use E85 fuel.

Consumers don't want E85, but they do want non-ethanol gas (E0).

Because ethanol has less energy than gasoline, drivers who normally fill up four times a month would have to fill up five times a month when using E85.