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Art. There is no rhyme or reason to this board - I like what I like and hopefully you'll see something that you like too! :-)
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Wow!  This guy is amazing!

Because the original dolls are too maintream.this guy is amazing.the dolls look more like the real people.what a talent.

Those actors are all incredible too xD

Some people are epic.

Some people are epic. (Although, this is a perfect example of why I think Life of Pi shouldn't have been nominated for anything other than best animation. I'm a hater, but only when it comes to that movie.) I have mad respect for visual effects artists!

Tightrope Girl - Disneyland's Haunted Mansion

Tightrope Walker aka Alligator Girl - 'stretch room' painting featured in Disneyland Haunted Mansion

♥ Sleeping on the beach

Nude beach in stone …or… Stoned nude beach … or… what a rock-hard body… or …did you ever wonder how sand gets in every crack and crevice, ouch! …and not even touching on her stone foxy booty —- think.

Travis Bruce Black

Travis Bruce Black Liked this enough to turn it into a jigsaw puzzle. Just some things speak to me

Mark Hall Sculpture Zipped Water Feature, bronze.

Mark Hall Sculpture in the Modern Artists Gallery. "Mark Hall sculpture is collected worldwide and his installation work is referred to as 'seamless cutting edge contemporary art'." seen at: image.

Collectible glass perfume bottle

"Luna Moth Perfume Bottle" Art Glass Perfume Bottle Created by Loy Allen An elegant lampworked luna moth, its wings dusted with shimmering dichroic glass, perches on the stopper of a blown glass perfu (Bottle Green Sweets)

water nymph

watercolor The Separation, Large Art Print of Original Oil Painting Portrait. By windylanestudio via Etsy. Art painting wonderful style by .

I shall be the fruit which will leave eternal vitality behind even... - but does…

An incredible series of over-sized, translucent oil paintings of individual fruit by Ohio-based artist, Dennis Wojtkiewicz [voy-KEV-itch].

Fruit and Flowers Paintings by Dennis Wojtkiewicz

Fruit and Flowers Paintings by Dennis Wojtkiewicz

Fruit and Flowers Paintings by Dennis Wojtkiewicz, Ohio artist, Dennis Wojtkiewicz [voyt-KEV-itch] explores the sensitive nature of time in his oversized oil paintings of fruit and flowers.

Exposing problematic beauty standards using Barbie dolls. Photographer Sheila Pree Bright explores the complexities of racial identity in her work. In her Plastic Bodies series, which developed in 2003, Bright contrasts fragmented bodies of multicultural women with the dolls. The blend of human and artificial features is unsettling and helps make the “global assimilation of cultures, ethnicities, and loss of personal identity many women of color experience as a result” painfully obvious.

10 Radical Art Projects That Celebrate Women’s Bodies

Plastic Bodies series Sheila Pree Bright "She blends human and doll features as a statement on ethnic and cultural assimilation." 10 Works of Subversive Barbie Art