This is at a website called walltat. It's really cool.

Grand Safari Wall Decals depict the wonderous wildlife scene that you would see on an African safari. This wall decal includes a giraffe, elephant, two flying birds, trees and grassy mound.

lion king theme nursery! should I ever be blessed with a son, this will def be what the nursery looks like!

lion king theme nursery, because this is awesome and its Nick's absolute favorite.

African Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms, 3 Interior Color Schemes

Here is the creative ideas for nursery room color palettes combination style of the jungle.Nursery room color in the style of the jungle has its palette of green, recalling the lush vegetation of the African forest.

Neverland Inspiration by Sweetly Chic Events

Neverland Inspiration by Sweetly Chic Events

A Neverland Birthday Party with a teepee, wooden directional sign, Tinkerbell cage centerpieces, pirate treasure chest & tables for pirates, lost boys & pixies

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