Pineberries: look like strawberries, taste like pineapples...heaven!

Pineberries and cream? The new summer fruit which looks like a white strawberry... but tastes like a pineapple

The pineberry is a white strawberry with red seeds. Pineberries are actually the oldest strawberry variety. Originally strawberries were white in South America and red in North America (known as scarlets).


What does the moon look like at night? --> Lunar Eclipse by Sam Javanrouh - 61 photos of the December 2010 Lunar eclipse taken in 2 minutes intervals (selected from hundreds of shots from a timelapse series). Started at to EST in Toronto.

Amazing translucent ants.

Tasting the rainbow: The ants whose multi-coloured abdomens show exactly what they've been eating

Interesting: Scientist Mohamed Babu from Mysore, India captured beautiful photos of these translucent ants eating a specially colored liquid sugar. Some of the ants would even move between the food resulting in new color combinations in their stomachs.

Stunning Underwater Ink Photography Photographer Mark Mawson published these neat underwater ink photographs, part of a series entitled Aqueous Fluoreau.

Sterilizes water using UV light. 46 seconds to sterilize a cup of water. Go science!

SteriPEN Freedom UV Water Purifier A portable UV water purifier runs off an integrated battery that recharges over micro USB, and can destroy over of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa in a standard-sized glass in just 48 seconds.

Exploded flower photography.

Lotus Exploded 01 - “Exploded Flowers,” by artist Fong Qi Wei

Exploded flower photography.

Hydrangea Pom Pom Rose Sunflower Gerbera Lotus Lily Gerbera Gerbera, detail Chrysanthemum Exploded Flowers is a series of photos by artist Fong Qi Wei that shows a variety of flowers dissected into individual components.


Autumn is the dry season but it has its own colors and beauty. When autumn season comes it brings a lot of different colors along with it. Autumn is season which comes in between summer and winter …