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How to Make Peppermint Sugar Scrub! ~ from ~ this luxurious scrub will have your hands and feet feeling silky smooth in no time! It also makes a fabulous Gift in a Jar! #masonjars #scrubs #thefrugalgirls

Peppermint Sugar Scrub Recipe!

DIY Jasmine Coconut Sugar Scrub! ~ from ~ say goodbye to those rough hands and feet and pamper yourself, or give as a fun gift in a jar! #sugarscrub #masonjar #thefrugalgirls

Jasmine Coconut Sugar Scrub Recipe!

Coconut Vanilla DIY Sugar Scrub Recipe! ~ from - the perfect key to smooth hands and soft feet, and it makes a great gift in a jar! #sugarscrubs #recipes #thefrugalgirls

Coconut Vanilla Sugar Scrub Recipe!

Lovely Lavender Sugar Scrub! ~ from ~ give hands and feet a little TLC! This Lovely Lavender Sugar Scrub will have them feeling soft and smooth in no time, and makes a great gift in a jar! #masonjars #thefrugalgirls

Lavender Sugar Scrub Recipe!

DIY Lemon Coconut Sugar Scrub Tutorial! ~ from ~ this luscious scrub is perfect for pampering those rough hands and feet and makes a great Gift in a Jar! #sugarscrubs #thefrugalgirls

Lemon Coconut Sugar Scrub Recipe!