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Statue Stairs, Kyoto, Japan

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Japan Stock Photos

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August Book Reviews

August Book Reviews

Only four this month! I’ve been slacking. Actually, I’ve been super busy preparing for my launch and then dropping into bed at night, too tired to read. This month, my offering of 4 an…

POLEARM1 - Folded Steel Dragon Guandao - $0.00

Kult Of Athena - Spears - POLEARM1 - Folded Steel Dragon Guandao - This large Chinese Guandao Halberd has a blade forged from folded steel. Folded steel has a long history in China and was a traditional method to blend hard and soft steels into a single blade to create a weapon that could both retain a hard edge and flex.This halberd is copiously embellished with intricately detailed antiqued solid brass fittings. The haft is black-coated wood and a brass bell with tassel completes the…

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10 Things Not To Do In Japan

Japan is a warm country that welcomes visitors but they are expected to follow certain rules of conduct. Here a few things not to do in Japan when visiting.

Fake it til you make it. - post

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Little Wild Horse Canyon, San Rafael Swell, Utah

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TOMS Vegan Wrap Boots

I almost forgot to wish you all a Happy Earth Day! And in honor of, I'd like to feature TOMS earth-friendly shoes. They are made out of 100% cotton canvas and if you weren't aware, TOMS donates a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair sold. The Vegan Wrap Boots are my favorite. You can wrap them up to knee-high, or wrap it low for an ankle boot look. Hal sells them at his snowboard shop and he's going to get me a pair! Yay for boyfriends with the ins. {Images via 80's Purple}

Carlsbad caverns National Park New Mexico

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28 Incredibly Beautiful Places You Won't Believe Actually Exist

I want to go to there.

A bit about Serang | Entertaining Stories

A bit about Serang

I think some of you are suffering from tour fatigue, and I am, too. Between two books, it’s been a long process. I hope you’ll indulge me one last post about Serang, and it will be mine…

Catfishin' with Lisa by ArtbroSean on DeviantArt

Top 10 peces de rio gigantes y monstruosos

*Pez gato del Mekong: El Pangasiodon gigas es considerado el pez de agua dulce más grande del planeta. Su cuerpo desnudo y desprovisto de escamas puede sobrepasar los tres metros de longitud y los 295 kg de peso. Su hábitat principal son las aguas del cauce bajo del sistema fluvial del Mekong, que abarca los países de Laos, Camboya, Tailandia y Vietnam. Esta especie se halla al borde de la extinción. La sobre pesca, asociada a la contaminación de las aguas por las que navega, además de la…

With new protections saiga antelope may continue to be a symbol of Central Asia (commentary)

With new protections saiga antelope may continue to be a symbol of Central Asia (commentary)

With new protections saiga antelope may continue to be a symbol of Central Asia (commentary)

The saiga antelopes noses have evolved not only to warm up cold winter air, but also to filter out dust kicked up from the summer plains.

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