Ceremony - Village Bijagos Archipelago. Guinea Bissau

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Africa | "Masque cérémonial" N'zo, Guinea. post stamped 1967 || Postcard; publisher Soufrane. No 19

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The Manjack people are an ethnic group in Guinea-Bissau. They are known as Manjaku by the Manjacks themselves, Ndiago by the Wolofs of Senegal, Manjaco by the Portuguese, and Manjaque by the French. Each of these terms means "I tell you". The Manjack language is classified as part of the Bak languages, which is a branch of Niger–Congo. Strong Manjack communities exist in Senegal, France, The Gambia, and the countries surrounding Guinea-Bissau. Total population: 380 000

Africa | Women from Fouta Djallon. French Guinea || Scanned vintage postcard; published by Edmond Fortier. ca. early 1900s

Guinea Bissau. BIJAGO People, matriarcal tribe that manifest one of the most original cultures of West Africa

Africa | Young women from Fouta Djallon. Central Guinea. ca. 1955 || Scanned old postcard; published by Hoa - Qui.

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