Adding about 20 drops of clear nail polish to eyeshadow and there you go brand new nail polish!!SOOOO COOOL!!!

Pigment Tutorial Part 1

Custom color nail polish with broken eye shadow colors! Add about 20 drops of clear nail polish to eye shadow and you'll have a brand new nail polish color.

nail polish organization, nail polish display

Best 100+ Essie Nail Polish Colors

Dry Water Marble Nail Tutorial

Dry Water Marble Nail Tutorial--this seems way easier and quicker than water marbling!

Jewelry fit for a queen or princess ;)

Betsey Johnson 'Varsity Crush' Tiara Ring makes you feel like a princess I never could find the price tag. I want I wear a size 8 :)

Cool Nail Designs for Fall

35 Cool Nail Designs to Try This Fall

surprise DIY

DIY glow in the dark jar. (Use glow in the dark paint to paint spots in the interior of the jar. The jar can glow after it has been exposed to light for a few minutes.

awesome. :D

Amazing Manicure Ideas

Awesome and Cute Silver Zebra Nail Designs For Short Nails : Best .

Manicure supplies in a monogram jar - what a fun gift idea!

Mother's Day Monogram Manicure Jar

Need a fun gift idea for Mother's Day or really any other day of the year? Make a Monogram Manicure Jar full of new nail polishes and manicure supplies!