A gentle breeze on laundry day.

I can still smell our laundry hanging in the sunshine, bleached white, with blueing added for extra whiteness. I hear the squeak of the clothesline reel, the fluttering of the clothes in the breeze. Laundry was an all-day event. Ironing was on Tuesday.

The fresh smell of outdoors and sunshine...can only get that by hanging them outside!!

laundry I love the memories of my mom's amazing wash, the smell of the country air in the fabric, the grace of the clothes in the breeze, and the feel of it all it total. Such good, good memories of our old farm.


another pinner wrote: "Pretty laundry blowing in the wind." my comment: I love the fresh scent of laundry that has been lined dried on a beautiful day!

linens on the line

This says so much. A summer day, clean linens hanging outside to dry in the warm summer sun. I still hang out my sheets and some of my clothes in the summer. Brings back so many memories.

love hanging clothes on the line...childhood memories <3

I loved hanging clothes out to dry they smelled so fresh and clean. I loved sleeping on air dryed sheets.