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Liquefied sugars mask the truth, avoid pops and juices. Water and coffee or tea are better because there is no sugar or sugar-substitutes unless you add them. Even then, you control and know how much is going into it.

Onions are effective or used in or used to treat diabetes. Onions increase the production of Insulin in body.

The superior fiber found in Ladies Finger helps to stabilize blood sugar by curbing the rate at which sugar is absorbed from the intestinal tract.

Be considerate towards friends and family who have diabetes. When having a party, offer healthy tasty treats, such as fresh fruits, yummy salads with exotic vegetables.

Women's Health programis designed to help you make better choices and to engage you in a healthier way of life by setting realistic and positive goals that all fit into your busy schedule.

People who regularly eat cheese are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who rarely or never snack on the dairy product.

Keeping your blood sugar at a healthy level every day can help you to prevent diabetes problems.

Diabetes management programs can be accessed on your mobile phone, The Web, or a worksite or community kiosk, your personal healthcare team is always available to you when you need it.

Women's Health program brings a woman's touch recognizing that women really are different, with unique health needs all their own.

An active body and active mind are key to good health. We have a broad variety of activity programs designed to fit your level and lifestyle.

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Should Type 1 Diabetics Go Primal/Paleo

Type 2 diabetes is strongly associated with being overweight, but it's less clear what causes it, compared to the Type 1 disease.

#Garlic is like a boon for #diabetics. Besides being useful in decreasing #cholesterol it also lowers #blood <a href='http://sugar.' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>sugar.http:/...</a>

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