Temple pictures.  This site has large file images that people sent in to the site of "their" temple that they then antiqued and posted for everyone to download for free.

this site has pretty temple pictures and it has a ton of free printables for parties or holidays

The Portland, Oregon Temple= Beautiful!

Portland, Oregon Temple — The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints — My place of peace

Rexburg, Id LDS Temple

The Rexburg, ID LDS Temple was built while we were attending BYU-Idaho. We lived just down the hill from it. It was our view out our livingroom window for a while. We went to this temple as well.

LDS Temple

Got married to my sweetheart in the SLC Temple on a beautiful winter day. some lady pinned a pic of the SLC temple and said so beautiful i want to see this castle in utah! :) made me smile

Rexburg LDS Temple #lds #temple

I want to take many "Temple Vacations" and base a trip around visiting lds temples. Could start with this one - Rexburg, Idaho

LDS Temple @allisonchristensen

i believe that the translucency of the veil that separates the temple from heaven can only be realized from within its walls. i have witnessed it.