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That time he simply read what he was told to read. | 22 Times When Harry Potter's Bitch Face Was Better Than Yours

22 times Harry's Bitch Face was better than yours- That time he simply read what he was told to read.

Sirius Black - The Marauders

Sirius Black- He had to walk past the bodies of James and Lily to get baby Harry.

Harry Potter Paraphernalia: Marauder's Map: Inside and Outside

Harry Potter Paraphernalia: DIY Marauder's Map: Inside and Outside

the marauders

Exactly like, Remus, really? You thought Sirius would really have killed all those people, including one of his best friends, and sold James and Lily out? You've got to be joking.

Padfoot, Moony, Prongs, and Wormtail shirt

Wormtail, Prongs, Moony, and Padfoot bleach shirt. The marauders, I wouldn't mind leaving wormtail out though

the marauders and lily

Puh-lease Lily, this is everyone's baby! Raising Harry would have be a Marauder Job.

Oh Harry potter

Funny pictures about Best face expressions. Oh, and cool pics about Best face expressions. Also, Best face expressions.

Marauder's Map wedding invitations

Marauders Map Wedding Invitations Someone else pinned it and I love the idea. This one is more of a pirate treasure map, but a map would be an adorable idea for any kind of invite.

The Trio and the Marauders

Ron Weasley, you will always be my favorite, I don't care how much the movies ruined you! will fling myself from a cliff