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Epbot Art Give-Away Board

Prize choices for my monthly art roundups on Everything here is either from my personal collection, purchased specifically for this board, or donated by the artist.

Epbot Art Give-Away Board

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Handmade "WamPAL" by Stephanie Kotkin, donated by the artist

Custom Little SQUEEwok, WamPAL, or WookSQUEE (Made to Order)

Sailor Moon Ice Cream by Megan Fisher, signed 9X5.5 print

Mario Princesses by Megan Fisher, signed 8X10 print

ORIGINAL ART - Cutie Edward Scissorhands 4X6 marker sketch by Michael "Locoduck" Duron


ORIGINAL ART - Captain America,4X6 marker sketch by Kate Carleton

Supergirl by Patrick Thomas Parnell, signed 12X18 print

patrick thomas parnell

Baby Vader by Nathan Szerdy, signed 12X18 print

Nathan Zeee
  • Sharma Shari
    Sharma Shari

    This cute thing!!! OMG!

  • Ayliza

    This is brilliant :)

  • Claire Scates
    Claire Scates

    This is the cutest thing! I absolutely love this! I kept the artists name so I can hopefully run into him at a convention sometime!

  • Kelly @Mentalgarbage
    Kelly @Mentalgarbage

    LOVE this!

Yoda Hanging In by FamousAfterDeath, signed 11X17 print, donated by the artist

In there you must hang.

"Supergirl" by Jessica Grundy/von Braun, signed 11X17 poster print

Baymax by Kate Carleton, signed 8X10 print, donated by the artist

  • Christina Nicholson
    Christina Nicholson

    Super cute !!

  • Sheri Bryan
    Sheri Bryan

    Furry Baby!

Enterprise Wave by Brian Demeter, signed 8X10 print, donated by the artist

Star Trek: Nibiru Pop Up

Ariel's Headphones by Bianca Roman-Stumpff, signed & mounted 5X7 print

Home from Art of Bianca Roman-Stumpff
  • Mel Amus
    Mel Amus

    I love this one, may have to give in and just buy it

Supernatural Moose & Squirrel by Hihoshi, signed 11X17 print

  • Adrienne Reible
    Adrienne Reible

    Love this so much!!!

Indiana Jones by Peter Santa-Maria, signed 12X18 print

Art Nouveau Wonder Woman by Nathan Szerdy, BIG 12X24 poster print, signed by the artist

  • Lydia Kurin
    Lydia Kurin

    I just want to know why guys who draw these comic book women think that skimpy little thing will hold up boobs that big. Sure wouldn't support mine!!! Lol :D

Stitch by Chris Butler, signed 8X10 print (or click through to buy the original!)

8.5 x 11 Stitch copic marker sketch

Harley Quinn by Chris Butler, signed 8X10 print

8" x 10" Harley Quinn Print from Big Chris' Gallery
  • Darlene Crider
    Darlene Crider

    That's the best version ever, beautiful.

ORIGINAL ART - Puff Monster w/ Flower by Bianca Roman-Stumpff, original painting mounted on 5X7 board

ORIGINAL ART - Baymax with Balloon by Lady Otaku, original marker sketch on 3.5X5 card

  • Bridgette c.
    Bridgette c.

    I need this....

  • Christina Nicholson
    Christina Nicholson

    Gorgeous ! Would be great addition to Disney artwork at home :)

  • Kate Swartz
    Kate Swartz

    Ohmygosh. LOVE this!

ORIGINAL ART - Kupo Love by Lady Otaku, original marker sketch on 3.5X5 card

  • Corrie R
    Corrie R

    I love moogles! I have one tattooed on my shoulder!

Steampunk Octopus Dance by Kellee Riley, 8.5" x 11" print, signed by the artist

SALE*** Steampunk Octopus Dance 8.5" x 11" Postcard print

Walking Your Octopus, signed hardcover art book by Brian Kesinger, donated by Epbot reader Megan!

  • Bethany Sehl
    Bethany Sehl

    Want! Want! Want! A thousand times WANT!

  • Nikhia Griffiths Hamm Jimenez
    Nikhia Griffiths Hamm Jimenez


  • Munari Munari
    Munari Munari

    OOOH! SO much of want!

  • Crystal Pauley
    Crystal Pauley

    This is so awesome! Want, want, want!!!

  • Kristy Roger
    Kristy Roger

    Love this!

"Oswald in the Rain" by Dave Quiggle, 5X7 postcard print from WonderGround Gallery

"Date Night" by Jerrod Maruyama, 5X7 postcard print from WonderGround Gallery

  • Katie Jacobson
    Katie Jacobson

    So cute, I think my kiddo would love this.