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So cute! Plants vs Zombies paper gatling pea & 'shrooms

Gatling Pea Papertoy | Plants Vs. Zombies Papercraft

Mickey Mouse & Friends Cupcake Toppers - free printable

Mickey Mouse & Friends Cupcake Toppers | Disney Family

How to Make a Star Wars/ Comic Book Paper Rose

How to Make a Star Wars Paper Rose - The Official Star Wars Blog

Mad Hatter-style hat ornaments! Tutorial & free printable template at the link.

  • Natalia Earley
    Natalia Earley

    Nicoel Bonney : I know how much you love Wonderland!

  • Nicoel Judd
    Nicoel Judd


Free Template Maker: type in the dimensions you want, & this will create a free printable .pdf template for a gift box or envelope. SO COOL!!

Free Template Maker

More ideas for what to do with empty cereal boxes: Fold them into smaller boxes and use for gift-giving or for storage of your own small things. This post links to three box-folding tutorials, including one that'll make hexagon-shaped boxes.

  • Andrea Ohnstad
    Andrea Ohnstad

    WOW! I usually just recycle our cereal boxes, but I like this a lot! Could cover the box in fancy paper first before folding, too.

DIY Paper Flowers

Inviting Design: DIY Paper Flowers | Santa Barbara Wedding Style
  • Elan Auman
    Elan Auman

    That's how I did my wedding bouquets! I got so many compliments on them ^_^

Pumpkins from recycled books! This would be a fun idea to adapt for other shapes, too.

Fall Pumpkin Decorations Made from Recycled Books
  • Page Schenone
    Page Schenone

    It would have to be a pretty crappy book for me to be able to do this! ;-)

  • Kelli Walker
    Kelli Walker

    Aw poor books!!!

  • Spinsta @ Large
    Spinsta @ Large

    I can think of some political tomes that deserve this.

  • Kelli Walker
    Kelli Walker

    Good point

  • Vicki Partin
    Vicki Partin

    Great use for those "weeded" books!

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Free downloadable & customizable apothecary labels. Nice!

hearts folded in half with one side taped down in a circular pattern. Cute on wrapping paper for a gift

A small bite of mondocherry: new blossom colours...

Paper Garland - or perhaps Christmas ornaments?

{happy weekend!}

"crystal" star garland made from upcycled cellophane! Tutorial at the link.

I'm thinking these would make cute individual ornaments with a typewriter key in the middle, for a little steampunk flair. Eh?

DIY: Printed Paper Garlands
  • Emily Pearson
    Emily Pearson


3D Paper Ball ornaments - free downloadable templates at the link!

How to make 3D paper ball ornaments | How About Orange

How-to: Make “wallets” out of juice or milk cartons.

Unconsumption — How-to: Make “wallets” out of juice or milk...

Twirled Paper Flower Tutorial - must try this!

  • Ami Rowland
    Ami Rowland

    Thanks you for reminding me of one of my favorite sites. Must start paper folding again.

  • Lynne Chandler
    Lynne Chandler

    wow...this is soooo easy and turns out beautifully

Mechanical iris cards - for steamy Valentines, perhaps? Template at the link!

Mechanical Iris Greeting Card
  • Saudade

    OK my husband is gonna flip when I make him one of these for valentines

Last minute Valentines: Just print, cut 2 slits, and slide a pencil through! Love it! (I wonder what other geeky designs you could use this idea for? Must brainstorm!)

justJENN rants & raves: diy Valentines!
  • SillyRnti

    I think Obi-Wan would look cooler with a thin glow stick.

  • Michelle Everett
    Michelle Everett

    Just did these for tomorrow. Looks great!

Lollipop valentine - brilliant mix of 2d & 3d!

  • Dani Duncan
    Dani Duncan

    I just made these for my daughter's school valentines!!

  • Melody Tenney
    Melody Tenney

    Made these for all my kids valentines they worked out great!

Doctor Who valentines! I think my favorite is the "Dalektable" one. :D Free .pdf at the link.

Doctor Who Free Printable Valentines
  • Mal Mecham
    Mal Mecham

    I love it!! And I also love that I'm currently watching Doctor Who while pinning. :)

  • Jennifer @
    Jennifer @

    Darcy Baldwin I thought of you when I saw these!

  • Belinda Scott
    Belinda Scott

    Libbi Midgley-Wright - Thought you may like these!!

  • Patricia Scott
    Patricia Scott

    Nicole Moeller Though of you!

  • Spinsta @ Large
    Spinsta @ Large

    Anastasia Zellner

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Alice in Wonderland Easter Egg Diorama - free template at link. (Must make this this week!)

Alice in Wonderland Easter Egg Diorama | Printables

Gift bows made from magazine pages. Neat! Tutorial at link.

Read, Wrap Recycle: Make Bows from Magazines | Whole Living
  • Rachel Mastin
    Rachel Mastin

    i've done this for several different occasions, works like a charm!

Origami bows from magazine pages. Complicated, but there's no glue or tape required - and they're sooo cute!

Make origami bows from magazine pages | How About Orange

Harry Potter Potion Bottle labels (free printables - too cool!)

  • stephanie brockman
    stephanie brockman


DIY T-rex trophy heat lamp made from folded sheet metal - but you could use the template to make a smaller version from cardstock!

T-rex trophy heat lamp
  • Daisy Elliott-Biddle
    Daisy Elliott-Biddle

    Or as a dragon!