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50 time-saving kitchen hacks that will make you a culinary master!

50 Time-Saving Kitchen Hacks The World Needs To Know

"sweat" noodles on paper towel on cookie sheet for 30 minutes before "cooking" them. temp 200.

Zucchini Noodles - Against All Grain

How to Mold Chocolate Using Brown Suger and Any Object

Cast Custom Chocolates Using Brown Sugar Molds

Creating edible toppers is a breeze with Candy Melts® candy! See our step-by-step instructions.

Top Fun - Edible Candy Melt® Toppers!

Whipped cream made from coconut milk. People, if you haven't tried it, you must!! I've been making this one for a while now and it's amazing! can also add a bit of cocoa powder to make it chocolate mousse!

Coconut Whipped Cream

DIY Vanilla, Mint and Spearmint Extracts. A great holiday gift idea!

DIY Extracts | Kirbie's Cravings | A San Diego food blog

How to Make Your Own Apple Cider Vinegar - The healthiest, most practical recipe I've seen in a long time. Must try soon!

Easy Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe

Food Hack: combine egg white and 1c powdered sugar. Knead until stiff, seperate into balls. Cook in microwave on papertowel 1-2 minutes

Mind Blowing Food Hack: No-Whisk 3 Minute Microwave Meringues

Royal Icing 101: conversion for 1/6 of the recipe. 2.5 c powdered sugar 2T meringue powder .25c water 1.5 t oil free extract. Makes enough icing for 2.5 dozen, may need a little more water to flood the cookie when piping

SweetSugarBelle's Royal Icing

Twenty Second Royal Icing - A nice consistency to eliminate the need to make both piping and flooding icings.

Twenty Second Icing

Royal Icing

Learning about Icing Consistency

Homemade Mascarpone Cheese

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Copycat Recipe Homemade Velveeta Cheese Love it?  Pin it! For more great recipes, follow Spend With Pennies on Pinterest! Mmmm… Velveeta Cheese!  I love it, especially made into a hot dip! My husband asked me, "Why would you want to make your own...

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Great visual aid on piping tips and their result for cake decorating.

Przystawki do dekoracji

How to make homemade Hersheys chocolate syrup with just 5 ingredients: cocoa, water, sugar, vanilla and salt.

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How to DIY Cake Flour: replace 2 TB AP flour for every cup with cornstarch. So, if your recipe calls for 2 cups cake flour, measure out 2 cups AP flour, sub 4 TB w 4 TB corn starch. Whisk flour and cornstarch, and then sift. A lot. About five times, actually. Since we're aiming for lightness, you want your hacked cake flour to be very-well aerated, with the corn starch completely integrated.

How to DIY Cake Flour and Self-Rising Flour

HOW TO: blacken chicken or fish

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Good to know

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How long to bake basically every fruit and vegetable to turn it into a chip!!!

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This trick of putting a paper towel in with your salad lettuce will keep it fresh all week long. The paper towel will absorb the moisture, which is the culprit for wilting lettuce. - [27 Ways To Make Your Groceries Last As Long As Possible!!!]

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DIY Red Curry paste

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DIY Green Thai Curry paste

Thai Green Curry Paste

5 Shortcuts to Spice Up Your Dinner: Black Bean Garlic Sauce, Thai Curry Pastes, Ethiopian Spiced Clarified Butter (Niter Kibbeh), Harissa, Indian Curry Pastes

Korma to Vindaloo: DIY Curry Pastes from Jamie Oliver

Sun-dried tomatoes are SO expensive, and are loaded with sulfites and preservatives. Here is an easy way to make them at home!! Gonna do this!!

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Good Tip: use a cookie cutter for sprinkle shapes

Simple Homemade Birthday Cake |