I am a happily married, kinky, bisexual, switchy {mostly submissive} slut, who absolutely adores being Daddy's dirty little girl. I have a penchant for lewd pictures that show my favorite things and.

antisocialpariah alice loves these rock chick cute glam polka dot pink and black jeans love the fancy dress style pink coiffure too for weekend and party fun , cyber punk , candy goth girl street style

maybe it wasn't them who were the monsters, but myself. i was the monster, perhaps i always was // enchantra (name subject to change) from the shadow series, spin-off one-shot.

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“Thus I’ll extirpate using my teeth and nails / the eternal pain that stings my heart”

The princess is here Make way for reign (and our new interview live now!) // : // interview: // stylist: // makeup: // hair: // creative: by nylonmag