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how to reduce stress. We all deal with it. but with some simple trick we can manage stress level. here we have 5 tips to reduce stress.

No wonder I love it! ;)

Can Cuddling Cure Depression?

Love Marriage quote - cuddling literally kills depression, relieves anxiety and strengthens the immune system. Pinner note - Time to cuddle, so get cuddling! Cuddle for love and for a healthy life.

This is definitely me in a nutshell. So get ready for some dignified crazy shit!


Some things are better left unsaid. But I'm probably gonna get drunk and say them anyway. Things sometimes need to be said. Thank you alcohol.


The ultimate purpose of Nancy Leigh DeMoss. Her books, her prayer challenge, the multiple resources on her web site. REALLY one of my top picks of all time for people I would actively search out when I need to find encouragement for something.

Trust in God

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I don't know if Marilyn Monroe really said this, but damn if it isn't how I live my life. You have to because nothing is ever going to be perfect and your life is going to be really long and really hard if you wait for perfection to be happy.


Omg Katie I don't know why but I thought you'd get a chuckle out of this one. Put the straw in the shutthefuckupcakes and suck it the fuck up! Pardon my language but it was really funny!