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Major Scientific Discovery: Argentina excavates the largest ever dinosaur fossil

PHOTO: Researchers with the Museum of Palaeontology Egidio Feruglio found fossils of a dinosaur they believe was the largest creature to have ever walked the earth.

Would You Dare Try a Hot Dog From a Liquid Nitrogen BBQ?

The funniest culinary experiment ever is dedicated to finding out if beer, ice cream and hot dogs taste better or w.

Robotic Arm Instead of Human Arm Will Now Disarm Bombs

"Robotic arm" is such a familiar word nowadays. But the spectacular news is that Mirror Training allows anyone to u.

Russian Rocket Crashes: Conspiracy theorists blame America

A Russian Proton Rocket that was carrying the satellite, Russia's most advanced and powerful satellite.

Ants Comprehend Cancer, the Internet and the Human Brain Better Than We Do

Ants may look tiny in size but when they invade your house they can do huge damage to your assets . Get rid of ants(sugar ants , carpenter ants) from house with

Robots Instead of Police Officers Directing Traffic in Kongo

In Kinshasa, the capital city of Kongo, robots control traffic and pedestrians instead of police officers. The sola.

10 Powerful Facts about Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear weapons are incomparably explosive devices that can lead to mass destruction.

Learn The Secret Behind Attraction: Your Brain

This probably doesn't sound as romantic, but those warm and fuzzy feelings behind romance aren't coming from your h.

Future of Fast Food Restaurants Will Include Robots Flipping Burgers

Robotization could be the future of the manufacturing process-robots provide endless hours of work in varying working conditions, and require little maintenance

Measles Vaccine Could Eradicate Cancer As Medical Trial Leads to Remission

Toward Medicines That Recruit the Body's Natural Disease-Fighting Proteins

Imagine Driving on Solar Roads that are Powering the Planet - It's not as far as you think

There is an invention that could solve a lot of Earth's problems, like climate change, in the form of a solar-powered parking lot that has been prototyped.

Can Meditation Reshape Our Brains? Hear Sara Lazar Speak at TEDx

Neuroscience research conducted at Harvard University found that mindfulness meditation can change the brain structure after only eight weeks of meditation.