Etiqueta que Machuca

Etiqueta que Machuca

São Paulo / Moda, Beleza, Celebs, Lifestyle, Decor, Comidinhas, Nerdices e mais. Tudo de um jeito divertido e descontraído! ;-)
Etiqueta que Machuca
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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - "I wasn't talking to you." Sometimes I feel like Gollum a lot: I talk to myself, I tell the crazy side of myself to shut up, all the time, I like riddles, and I am obsessed with everything.<- haha that's great XD


The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers I heard when Andy Serkis did this scene for the first time, the entire cast and crew was like, "Whoa!

Quero um pedido de casamento assim... :)

Adam Savage Sings “I Will Survive” as Gollum to Neil Gaiman [Video]

Gollum haha

i find lotr jokes way more funny than i should xD.Pinning this for all my college friends.we all did the happy dance the last night of school. My exam week doesn't start until next week :P

Hahahaaa! Tem muita gente que eu conheço e pra quem eu diria isso... rssss

Friday Night In Your Twenties Vs. Friday Night In Your Thirties-- soooo soo very true!

Sem dúvida!

Where did Gollum from Lord of the Rings get his ring? Well, he went to Jared, of course! Gollum: He went to Jared Related art.