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DIY, How To, Tips & Ideas for camping

Whether you're a novice or experienced camper, we can all have a wonderful camping experience. There's always something new to learn about camping & on this

DIY, How To, Tips & Ideas for camping

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Twitter / iQueidea: Una manera fácil de conseguir ...

Organized Packing for a Family

Organized Packing for a Family - Boy: Noise Covered in Dirt

Clean a stainless steel sink with baking soda| 37 Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Deep Clean

37 Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Deep Clean

For all those who RV, put spices and seasonings in a bead storage container found at your local craft stores.

A Walmart special! Magnetized spice containers are perfect for our camper! They stay put while travelling and don't take up space in your drawers, cupboards or on your counter.

Window Black-out & Insulator; cut from automotive windshield sun deflector, edged with duck tape, and secured with double-sided Velcro tape.

Use Velcro to store your remotes in a convenient location within your RV.

I need this.

One moment please...

For the RV bed

A Bed with Sole

IKEA storage unit on wall in trailer bathroom

Inside the closet or cabinet door?> Skinny storage: These rubber boating straps, stretched between two screws, turn any wall into a catchall space for keys, cameras, sunglasses even sneakers. They come in red, blue, yellow and white and are sold in boating supply stores around the country and better hardware stores. You can also find them online.

RadenWA's Anatomical Guide to Boots

WA's BOOT Anatomy Tutorial Pt2 by RadenWA on deviantART

thermal cooler cover. will have to make a couple of these. I have a round beverage cooler that melts ice like no tomorrow. Hope this will help.

Camping and Gardening: Thermal Cooler Cover

Warm a rock and put it in a sock. Place it in your sleeping bag to keep your feet nice and toasty. I am so doing this next time I go camping!

Practical Primitive | Skill of the Month: Happy Rocks
  • Ruth Voelker
    Ruth Voelker

    I thought I was the genius that thought of this! So much better than crawling into a chilly sleeping bag late at night.


    No doubt you did come up with the idea Ruth. You must have shared the idea with others and one of them pinned it on Pinterest.

  • Tracy Shaw
    Tracy Shaw

    Better off using a water bottle. Boil water. Pore water in nalgene bottle. Put bottle in sock. Then add to sleeping bag about 30 minutes before climbing in to go to sleep.

  • Ruth Voelker
    Ruth Voelker

    Ah! Excellent, Tracy!

:) we need to do this on the camper lol

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius - 27 Pics

Stop wasting money on windshield washer fluids, this is an awesome money saver with a stupid easy recipe, works like a charm! One gallon water, 1/2 cup vinegar , and tbs dish washing liquid. Drop a few drops of food coloring.

Cheap and Easy to Make DIY Windshield Washer Fluid – DIY & Crafts

15 clever winter hacks everyone should know

A super easy tip to make packing your most important ingredients for cooking in a hotel room a breeze. Add your favorite spices to your portable kitchen.

How to make a bedroll

How to pack camping totes

The Joy of Car Camping |

Cleaning & Care of your footwear

Cleaning & Care - After Purchase - Expertise

Top 10 Fire Starters and Tinders!! The BEST INFOGRAPHIC about various ignition sources, tinders and fire starters for survival, bushcraft, camping and preparedness enthusiasts!

Make custom cord wraps out of old bungee cords.

How to Neatly Wrap Cords & Hoses by apartmenttherapy...and control all of that spaghetti! #Cord_Wrap #Hose_Wrap

How To Neatly Wrap Cords and Hoses

How to tie Paracord knots to your backpacks >>> Great DIY how to with photos for all the different steps to make the knots

Paracord pulls on my Brain Bag