What is this "true readers? EVERYONE CAN READ. (Unless ur illiterate) but then when you learn you become a true reader lol geez ppl. "We gotta be so true.

I need this handy item…

Every geeky book lover needs one of these gadgets. This would've come in handy like 5 years ago when I still read actual books.

Rain en wind, staying in and no reason to go outside. A nice warm cup of coffee or tea and a good book or crafting.

Bookish Secrets on Whisper

I get drunk off that old book smell in the library.

Alice in Wonderland miniature book: http://saimba.blogspot.com/2010/07/alice-in-wonderland-mini-book.html

Alice in Wonderland mini book. Inspiration for miniature altered books.

People question how smart I am sometimes. But that's only the people who see me in the morning when I'm super tired and in the afternoon when I'm hyper and/or tired.

Alan Bennett is, in this case, the person whose hand has come out and taken yours. From his play "The History Boys", later made into a film.

me: oh god that is so beautiful and claming and i could live there every day for the rest of my life and not change a thing me: no no no no no no everything good for plants ruins books forever please someone protect the books they are in danger