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Leather Peace Sign with Mini Dream Catcher // by 54UniqueBoutique

Leather Peace Sign with Mini Dream Catcher // Peace // Leather // Hand Braided / Mini Peace Sign / Leather Feathers / Turquoise Beads

gold weiß

Maybe this could be one of our crafts? We could provide canvases and precut scrapbook paper and just paint/glue them during the meeting! Scrapbook paper wall art, I could do this with fabric scraps.

Cat Toy DIY - easy, felt, minimal sewing, catnip stuffed! Meeeow!

Anyone who's had a cat knows that it can cost a pretty penny to continually replenish your stash of cute kitty toys. And as much as kitties love random bit

Flores em papel

paper in half draw diagonal cut along diagonal.use 2 loose triangles to twist into vine open symmetrical triangle and fold leave if folded, twist paper vine or pipecleaner into middle open and tape

This is beautiful.

tattoo by Olga Koroleva, two dancing birds with delicate floral linework, pin: morganxwinter