I really want a tattoo

Tattoo Photography by Jake Raynor

Cool ink designs & ideas for women and men! Long pale hair with the shaved sides is outstanding! Tattoo Photography by Jake Raynor

I am your father))))

the Darth Vader condom with the rather officious ‘I WILL NOT BE YOUR FATHER!’ words on it. If the condom breaks, we can only imagine the kid should only rightfully be named Fluke Skywalker.


Best Wrist roots tattoo design idea See unique Wrist roots tattoo ideas for men and women. See more about Wrist roots tattoo


Angie Ng photographed by Bustaman Mokhtar for Zen Magazine.love the red eyebrows!

This artwork is seriously amazing. I don't want a skull but I love the juxtaposition of beauty and death or sorrow. I love the subtle-ness of the skull.

Rabbit Lamp via Moooi

A cuddly table lamp - The Rabbit Table Lamp by manufacturer Moooi was designed in 2005 by the design group Front Design.The unique Rabbit Lamp table lamp in the


Alberto Seveso, well, get ready. His latest series of underwater ink photographs is entitled a due Colori and they are simply breathtaking. The images are made by taking high-speed photographs of two colors of ink mixing with water.