<3 Freeze water balloons as a festive way to keep drinks cold for a party.

32 Unexpected Things To Do With Balloons

Freeze water ballons and use them to keep drinks cold at a party. 32 Unexpected Things To Do With Balloons

Fill a truck bed full of pillows and blankets and drive to the middle of nowhere (also known as western Kansas) to go stargazing . . . . If you don't have a truck, pack the pillows and sleeping bags anyway and maybe a "midnight" snack and drive outside the city lights on a clear night with your kids.  It's a GREAT reminder that there are BIGGER things out there in the world.

A must for anyone’s bucket list, fill a truck bed with pillows and blankets and go stargazing . Stargaze - pillows - bucket list - truck - blankets - life - before I die - love - live -

~ Mermaid tail Christmas stocking ~

Mermaid tail Christmas stocking - Why didn't I think of that? I love mermaids!there's always next year :)

Karin Lindeskov- Owl street

Need to use for owl paintings/cards/ watercolor or felt animals . from Karin Lindeskov- Owl street

little mermaid tattoo

This has my love for the little mermaid and fine point sharpie drawings all wrapped into one. I am so doing this :D Patterns Art Designs Ideas

cute cat character design

Let me know if you find the Dog. I can't find him! Illustration by Bob Staake.

Torn between this and the one with the "home quote". Compass Tattoo with quote - "Before you ask which way to go, remember where you've been.