Efath Kaje

Efath Kaje

"When the soul sought refuge in the place of rest, Overborne by strife and pain beyond control, From some secret hollow, whisper soft-confessed, Came the
Efath Kaje
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The amazing painted houses in Longyearbyen in Svalbard, located in the Arctic. Longyearbyen is the capital of Svalbard but has under 2000 residents!

Vincent van Gogh.. I could live a millenia just looking at the colors in your works..

Vincent Willem van Gogh~ March 1853 – 29 July was a Dutch post-Impressionist painter whose work, notable for its rough beauty, emotional honesty and bold color, had a far-reaching influence on art.

Bolivia.   See the skies in the salty reflection

It's called the border between Heaven and Earth! The world's largest salt flats.

Normandy, France

Sea Cliffs - Normandy, France My father was part of the invasion on D-Day at Normandy during WWII. what a beautiful place it is now. God bless all the men that lost their lives on the beaches of Normandy and during the war.

Bruges, Belgium

River House, Bruges, Belgiumphoto Via Kaylee Picture on VisualizeUs - Bookmark pictures and videos that inspire you. Social bookmarking of pictures and videos. Find your pictures and videos.

The Rubens Trail, Antwerp, Belgium

The Rubens Trail, Antwerp, Belgium

Beijing, China

Temple of Heaven, China is a Taoist temple built by Emperor Yongle of the Ming Dynasty in the century; it is situated in Beijing the capital of China. The reason of constructing this temple is to pray for good harvest and for decreasing wrongdoings.