Put glow sticks in them = Eyes in the Bushes... Mwahaha...

Glowing Eyes in the Bushes for Halloween Gather some toilet paper rolls. Cut out some eyes in the the paper rolls. Use glow sticks inside the rolls to make them light up at night. Hide them in your bushes.

finger sugar cookies

Halloween Cookie Fingers Recipe - Roll out sugar cookie dough into a thin line (dough will spread when baking), score at "knuckles" and apply an almond shard at the tip. Bake as directed. Brush cooled cookies with a little cocoa-powder to add contrast!

A marshmallow in the middle to make candy corn on the cob! Omgosh how cute!!!

DIY Candy Corn On the Cob Tutorial from Instructabls’ User CrazyClever.All you need is candy corn and cookie dough (recipe at link for egg free recipe) to make Candy Corn Corn. For more Halloween food.

Amazing creative #Pumpkin carvings!

Brilliant pumpkin carving

Funny pictures about Brilliant pumpkin carving. Oh, and cool pics about Brilliant pumpkin carving. Also, Brilliant pumpkin carving photos.

29 Homemade Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

29 DIY Kid Halloween Costume Ideas

Candy Corn Sugar Cookies

When I first saw this, I thought it was Candy Corn Fudge. Little did I know, it was Candy Corn Sugar Cookie Dough. Kathie Cooks shares a festive Halloween Cookie Tutorial. Learn how to hand craft your cookies before time flies!

Shrunken Head Cider - Totally creepy and perfect for a halloween party

Shrunken Heads in Cider - Martha Stewart Recipes. Halloween Apple Cider, apples are carved to look like shrunken heads in the apple cider.

Spells & Potions Halloween: Creepy Drinks {+ Free Printables}  For Witch Themed Parties

Spells & Potions Halloween: Creepy Drinks {+ Free Printables

Halloween party ideas: Spells & Potions Halloween - Creepy Drinks {+ Free Printables} For Witch Themed Parties