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Eric Cherry
Eric Cherry
Eric Cherry

Eric Cherry

Here's what the asparagus look like in late August! Bees are pollinating the teeny flowers. Soon there will be beautiful red pepper-corn like seeds.

Honey bees love the flowering oregano. There are more than a dozen of them buzzing around it

surprised by these near the pond

Master Cylinder is rusty, but not leaky... after a while I saw the brake fluid leaking towards the back of the car. The brake line is cracked right next to the drivers side front seat... Gonna have to replace it. Its a cheap part - but I've never done it before. Shouldn't be too bad.. Maybe finalize the brake job and replace the gas tank next weekend. Could be 'drivable' soon. Not comfortable, but safe enough to go down the street. We'll see.

new calipers bolted in on both sides... but when I try to bleed them there's no fluid coming out. No air either. Uh-oh.

extracted the broken bolt without any trouble - a major surprise. And, Home Depot had a perfect replacement for the original/stock bolt that broke.

Broke a bolt that attached the stock/original disc brake calipers on the front left. Was bound to happen at some point.

Here's the pinhole where the leak is.. Gonna use an epoxy kit to fix it.

and the luggage compartment without the tank

And here it is. Pretty good shape actually

In the mean-time, I found a gas leak and need to remove the tank.

here's the old rotors. I may just replace them. But, I'm going to try out the old one's first

pair of new front disc brake calipers arrived

It kind of wants to take off and fly

I've got a somewhat unusual stock distributor. Its the CA emissions model - so I guess my car was original purchased in CA. Its a DVDA - so the vacuum hoses stay on when settting the timing a: 5deg ATDC @ 800-950rpm. First time idling without stalling in years!!!! Major step forward.

This is a thermostat for the air cleaner. Its clamp is missing. Have to figure something out.

Gotta reinstall the air filter do do the tuneup

Don't mind me. Yes, I'm huge.

Hot wire switch installed. Not pretty, but functional for a tune up.

Here's the computer diagnosis. wiring pin diagram. One pin definitely goes to the coil. One definitely goes to the ignition side of the solenoid. With a couple of switches and a pigtail or two, I should be able to crank up the engine from the back of the car.