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Definitely organized! Wow!!!

Love the organization idea at each desk. The wire baskets could be cubbies and the red bins could hold extra supplies for each table grouping and each tables supplies they use could be stored in a caddy. I love red!

Bulletin board color is repeated on binders, organizers,etc.

I like the setup of the smaller shelves next to each pod of desks. The small bookshelves has all the supplies that each group might need. It gives the students responsibility over their own spaces.

Classroom seating arrangement ideas-I'm in Heaven!

There are literally different pictures or links to seating arrangements on this website! It's a great way to get some new seating arrangement ideas!

Works-For-Me Wednesday: Desk Dividers | The Cornerstone

Third grade teacher Robin Huddlestone is in a tiny portable classroom with little room to spread out her desks. She likes her current arrangement, but had a

The Silver Lining

Set up a "Nature Table" to display all the treasures found on nature hikes. great for scientific observations. {The large leaf is from IKEA.} Smith nature walks might be great to fill up your science center