Memorial Day 5K race

Happy Memorial Weekend: Memorial Day is about remembering those who have gone before us and especially the courageous men and women who .

After a FEVER, comes a RUN

Today's Workout: 6 mile run Hello friends! As you've heard me complain about my wretched fever which was caused by a stomach virus, t.

My First Race this Year!

Today's Workout: 3 mile warm-up, 12 sets of 200 meter sprints, 2 mile cool-down Hello friends!

Tasty Thursday: Spring Veggie Medley

Today's Workout: Easy paced 12 mile run Hello friends! Spring is finally here so say hello to Spring vegetables and fruits.

Product of the Week: Garmin Forerunner 220

Today's Workout: Easy paced 8 mile run So, my Garmin Forerunner finally kicked the bucket after several years of wear and tear.