So true.

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Truly awesome

HAHA I posted this my my BFF board because me and my friend say this ALL the time hahha

i love science nerd stuff.

How donuts are made

Mitosis (i. cell division) with donuts instead of cells. I think I would have gotten farther in science had there been more donuts.


Here's hoping your maid of honor and matron doesn't bring up college during their toast.

can't wait

For my best friend Tammy. Thank you for our friendship. I hope you know how much I love you! Happy Birthday to my best friend!

oh wait :)

Members of the St. Louis Cardinals celebrate after Game 5 of the National League division baseball series against the Washington Nationals on Saturday, Oct in Washington.

Come on eileen. every time at the piano bar

Come on Eileen- Save Farris I need someone to dance like crazy to this song and bring back my preteen years ♤

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