Rugged. Ryan Gosling.

Ryan Gosling and his dog George who I happen to have a picture of me with! Not Ryan.George lol he was staying next to the stewarts I worked at!

Brown peacoat.

love the jacket! very sherlock homes, style of course. a different button up and a lovely floral scarf would make this a dashing little date outfit for fall!

Mountain City.

An entry from Regardless GardeROBE

Streamlined trench.

Men Clothing Mens Clothing - Roar Clothing Wear your man. Mens fashion from dailyshoppingcart. Mens fashion / mens style Mid length and li.

Breezing suits.

khaki mens suit with plaid pocket square thin grey tie mens style mens summer style navy blue lace up shoes wedding party

Layered. JCrew.

Layering for men - blazer, cardigan, shirt with tie worn with chinos and brogues


look this cool in red chambray, denim & desert boots. Jeans, shirt color and shoes


Banana Republic ad looking hip and hipster. (But I'm not talking about the clothes.) men-s-fashion

Donald Draper, Mad Men.

Mad Men's Don Draper aka Jon Hamm aka Perfection aka 'How is this man real?

Roger Sterling and Donald Draper, Mad Men.

Mad Men Season 3 promo: John Slattery & John Hamm as Roger Sterling Jr. & Don Draper double yum