Gemstone Magnet Set

Clusters of sparkling minerals make a beautiful set of magnets to scatter throughout the home. Each set includes 8 magnets; one each of: amethyst, pyrite, quartz, geode, and four colors of agate slices.

Foldable, hand finished leather laundry bag with clasp and magnetic closure.

CLASP Brown leather laundry bag

Designed by Clare Norcross for Habitat, the luxurious and distinctive Clasp laundry bag is made from leather and finished by hand. Buy now at Habitat UK.


Modern Lamps by Giles Godwin-Brown

Today we will show you two interesting modern lamps created by product and lighting designer Giles Godwin-Brown. Both lamps are two dimensional. The Nepa Lamp is a wall-mounted


人間が履く靴の跡が動物の足あとに「Animal Footprint Shoes」: DesignWorks Archive

"shoes that have been modified with rubber moldings to mimic animal footprints. The shoes are then worn to leave animal footprints behind in urban areas, looking as if bears, rabbits, or deer were running loose around the city.

コーディネート・ソーシャルファッションサイト - iQON - アイコン

コーディネート・ソーシャルファッションサイト - iQON - アイコン


リアルなホットケーキを再現したクッション「Pancake Floor Pillows」: DesignWorks Archive