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My imaginary well dressed toddler daughter


My imaginary well dressed toddler daughter

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While walking on sidewalks, Quinoa loves to play the "always step on cracks or you'll pay more income tax" game. #MIWDTD #HOWTOQUINOA

Quinoa tried to warn her friend, but it was too late; Chobani was locking eyes with Hashtag all through the garden party. #MIWDTD

Little Paula vestidos de ceremonia para niñas >

Quinoa's friend Expat is suffering from a rare form of bang-induced partial blindness. At least until summer. #MIWDTD

Quinoa would like to have a talk with you about something very important and near to her heart: bangs. #MIWDTD

Quinoa and her BFF Chevron like to drive in vintage cars out to the desert, park them, and take a bunch of pictures looking pissed off.

Quinoa goes after what she wants in life. And last night, she wanted the Miley's disco ball. #MIWDTD

Quinoa's friend Twerk lives by a simple philosophy: no shirt, no shoes, no drama, no high fructose corn syrup and no gluten. #MIWDTD

Quinoa's friend Savasana was desperately trying to make Lululemon's and leopard work but Quinoa wasn't having it. #MIWDTD

BIMAA Sweater PDF Sewing Pattern Hoodie Cowl by LouBeeClothing

After enduring the first wave of pumpkin-flavored everything, Quinoa and her friend Botox brace themselves for the egg nog onslaught. #MIWDTD

Though technically they are too young for competition, Quinoa and her BFF Chevron have been invited to train with the Junior National Glare Squad. #MIWDTD

In the end, Quinoa realized the world wasn't quite ready for her hybrid business model: vegan empanada food truck and mobile glitter salon. #MIWDTD

Mary had a little lamb, but Quinoa has a better little lamb. And better hair accessories. And more friends. Who's calling the shots now, huh, Mary? #MIWDTD

When Quinoa wants volume, she doesn't just tease her hair, she relentlessly bullies it.

Fashion Kids. Модели. ВАЛентина Ляпина

One thing about Quinoa's friend Günter and his ill-fitting Burberry sweaters, he knows where he is going in life. Quinoa respects that. #MIWDTD

Young Fashionista

One time Quinoa thought she had accidentally squashed a bug, but what she had really squashed was all the predictable style rules society has tried to place on her.

  • deborah fulsang
    deborah fulsang

    So awesome. I'm doing that look soon. Channelling Quinoa.

Quinoa absolutely loves a juxtaposition. And irony. And gummi bears.

"Wait, Farro. We don't run after the ice cream truck. We wait for the ice cream truck to come to us." - Quinoa #MIWDTD

Quinoa's Gatsby-themed birthday party was a hit. Everybody loved the part when she ran over little Marimba with her tricycle. #MIWDTD

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