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lol So many people think of u . Pinterest?? really GAY! O yes lets write a recipe down for your future reference..O boy! u can be manly and cook w/o being GAY! or maybe not in your case! Do you wear a girlie apron too?

NOBODY gives a fukkin shit about your loser life and your pathetic fake shit.

8-Minutes of Yoga for Better Sleep

Workout: Yoga for Better Sleep -This relaxing yoga workout is designed to do in bed, to calm your body and mind before sleep.

1) has to do with love     --- love recipe

Recipe for Love. Ingredients : 1 Cup of Romance 1 Pinch of Humor 2 Spoonfuls of Joy 1 Lb of Compatibility 3 Tablespoons of Trust 1 Cup of Respect lb of Sharing 1 Zest of Tenderness and Cup of Patience