Inspiration for the first in a YA sci-fi duology, coming 7/24/18 // Two teens working internships for a drilling conglomerate are coerced into investigating a distress call from a research crew lightyears away, only to find a single survivor when they land on the supposedly uninhabitable planet.
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Rock Erosion

Rock Erosion 3 Koh Kut

Rock Erosion 3 Koh Kut Photograph by Jennifer Bright - Rock Erosion 3 Koh Kut Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale


I had initially thought that this art was connected to "The Walking Dead" comic, but now I'm not entirely sure. Regardless, I don't know who originally did this art but I absolutely love it! It's eerily creepy and disturbing without being overtly graphic.

concept ships: Sci-Fi concept art by Nick Gindraux

I found this on ArtStation - Communications Station, Nick Gindraux - worth checking the rest of his stuff out too :)

Space Suits, Sophie Ryder, Sara Ryder, Stargate Atlantis, Space Age, Farmer, Star Trek, Pacific Rim, Persephone

Noomi Rapace in Prometheus

Hello, Tailor: The costumes of Alien. Part Space suits, retrofuturism, and Prometheus.

futuristic cryo chamber - Google Search

futuristic cryo chamber - Google Search