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fancy god tier - Google Search

synnesai: “ EDIT: Re-did some colors and added some more elements i like it better … Ah man sorry I am so slow at drawing this series….to answer everyone yes yes I am doing all the god tiers revealed.

OMG- fancy Nepeta YES!

i kept some things the same with roxy’s design. mostly the thing around the waist and the scarf. also …metal/gold tail…ahahlkef >wings version< OTHERS:[john] [rose] [jade] [dave]

HS - Time by ~Synnesai on deviantART

card for Duncan with gears, clock and homestuck-ish art [Synnesai on deviantART]

Muchastuck prints by Emily Hu.. want these SO BAD.

What Pumpkin :: Parchments :: Art Prints :: Muchastuck (all 4 prints)

Muse of Space Calliope :-D yayyyy a gorgeous Calliope pic!

I just realized why calliope is the way she is! Calliope is mythology was the muse of epic tales (I think)! So Muse is her class, and she can illustrate and (I think) tell stories really well!